Sunday, January 9, 2011

A new pincushion

Pin cushion #2, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

Completed! A new pincushion filled with crushed walnut shells. I have a few pincushions filled with shells, but I bought them from various shows. I have never actually made one before. I know you can buy a little bag of crushed shells for about 5 bucks at a show. However, this is usually only enough to fill one pincushion. My friend Robin told me you could buy a alb bag of shells at the pet store for about $7, and she was absolutely right. I think they keep it in the reptile supply section. At any rate, I find these types of pincushions much nicer to use than the fiber filled ones. For one thing, I like the way they stay weighted to the table. Makes it easier to pull the pins in and out in my opinion. I used a selection of prints from Anna Marie Horner, along with some natural cotton/linen blend.
I found the tutorial for this pincushion here:
Check it out. It's a very cute blog.
This will serve as my completed project for Monday. I will be spending the day baking a pink birthday cake and shopping for Hello Kitty decorations. My baby girl turns 3 tomorrow and a Hello Kitty birthday was requested.
See you later in the week,


  1. Happy Birthday Char! You are one lucky girl.

  2. So cute Rob. I love, love, love pincushons. Happy birthday princess!