Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bee Imaginatve Give Away

I was surfing thru blog land and came across a give away I would love to win. One of the qualifications was to link back a blog post of my own back to this person's site.

So, here you go. Please go check her out and sign up for yourselves. She is giving away an accu cutter and the dies that go with it.
Happy Blogging,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finished Block

Finished Block, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

Well, here it is. My first attempt at a "string quilt" block. This block took me almost no time at all. Fortunately, I had recently begun cutting up my scraps into useable strips and squares as soon as I finish working with the material. I usually just place them all in a bin and go thru them periodically. Using absolutely no system of organization whatsoever. However, I recently downloaded my copy of "Fat Quarterly". In it was a great article about cutting up your scraps into useable pieces and how to store them neatly. Also, shortening my stitch length to 1.5 and using a brand new needle made tearing away the paper after the fact quick and easy. I was able to get this block together before Jackson was done drinking his nightly cup of chocolate milk! I am looking forward to heading home tonight and spending some serious time in my work space. I hope to have some real progress to show for myself by tomorrow.

Back of v

Back of v, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

String Quilt Block

String Quilt Block, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.
I have been reading blog after blog it seems about "string quilts". I actually have no clue why they are called this. However, I am fascinated by them. I've read at least 3 different tutorials on how to do them. 2 separate methods really have me curious. There is a gal who made a spiderweb quilt without paper piecing it at all. I immediately ran out and acquired 8 yards of white kona cotton to begin. Then, there was another gal who made string quilt squares, but starting with a single piece of plain white fabric down the center of each block meant that you would then wind up with a white frame around each block after you assembled them. Kind of like sashing, but without the hassle. I am here at work today and I happened to have on hand a large bit of copy paper that was destined to be recycled. Someone made an error with the copy machine and these ruined sheets were the result. Instead of tossing them, I utilized the paper cutter and cut the whole stack down to 8.5" squared sheets. Now, with my new found knowledge of english paper piecing and string quilts, I am ready to start sewing. My only problem being that today's Monday. So, I must wade thru soccer practice, making dinner, bath time and some laundry before the opportunity to attempt this will present itself. By my calculations, I should get to sit down to my machine at about 9:30 PM tonight. I will post a picture of what I manage to achieve later tonight. Wish me luck! Also, if any of you have any helpful info. about this process, please feel free to tell me!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aunt A's Birthday Bag

Aunt A's Birthday Bag, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

I recently attended my Aunt Alice's 70th birthday bash. My Aunt A is very much unlike any of my other 5 aunts. She's the wild red-headed one. For as long as I can remember, that's how I've seen her. Now that I am older, I don't know that I would describe her as wild, so much as I would call her free. This particular aunt is one of those free spirit's that lives life to the fullest, each and every day. It's quite hard to imagine her actually being 70. She's not what one would call "typical". I racked my brains for weeks for just the right gift for her. She has everything and needs nothing. The theme for her birthday party was flowers and peace signs. She's crazy for peace signs! Also, her all time favorite color is purple. Everything in her life is purple. It's her "signature color"!
So, when I came across these fabric's at M&L, I knew immediately that it was destiny. I crafted this bag using the "Birdie Sling" pattern by Amy Butler. This is the second time I have used this pattern, so it went fairly quickly. When I was done, I seriously contemplated placing cash in my aunt's birthday card and keeping the bag for myself. :) However, I knew that I would feel forever guilty and would not be able to properly enjoy the bag from then on if I did that. So, I gifted the bag to my aunt and was rewarded with such a stream of enthusiasm and gratefulness, that I felt really bad for almost keeping the thing. My aunt was over the moon for this thing. You would have to know my aunt to appreciate this, but she spent the night showing off the bag. She was asked by several of her friends to ask me to make them a bag also and that they were willing to pay upwards of $50.00 a piece for them. My aunt, of course, emphatically declined for me! My aunt is the 4th of 10 children. When they all got ice cream, she would put her's in the freezer for later. She would only eat the ice cream after everyone else had finished their's. My aunt is very much, "this is mine, and you can't have one". I was not at all surprised by this. My aunt likes her things to be one of a kind. Maybe because she is?