Monday, August 23, 2010

English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.
I have been reading blog after blog it seems about "string quilts". I actually have no clue why they are called this. However, I am fascinated by them. I've read at least 3 different tutorials on how to do them. 2 separate methods really have me curious. There is a gal who made a spiderweb quilt without paper piecing it at all. I immediately ran out and acquired 8 yards of white kona cotton to begin. Then, there was another gal who made string quilt squares, but starting with a single piece of plain white fabric down the center of each block meant that you would then wind up with a white frame around each block after you assembled them. Kind of like sashing, but without the hassle. I am here at work today and I happened to have on hand a large bit of copy paper that was destined to be recycled. Someone made an error with the copy machine and these ruined sheets were the result. Instead of tossing them, I utilized the paper cutter and cut the whole stack down to 8.5" squared sheets. Now, with my new found knowledge of english paper piecing and string quilts, I am ready to start sewing. My only problem being that today's Monday. So, I must wade thru soccer practice, making dinner, bath time and some laundry before the opportunity to attempt this will present itself. By my calculations, I should get to sit down to my machine at about 9:30 PM tonight. I will post a picture of what I manage to achieve later tonight. Wish me luck! Also, if any of you have any helpful info. about this process, please feel free to tell me!! :)

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  1. My craft group from Australia is all a twitter about string quilts. They are organizing a quilt along next weekend. Are you going to use copy paper as a foundation? Some are using muslin, some stabilizer, some telephone book sheets, even batting. I think some form of paper sounds the best. Use a sharp needle and set the stitch small.