Friday, December 31, 2010

A day at the beach....

This year for Christmas, my wonderfully sweet husband bought me a fancy DSLR camera. For those of you who don't speak photoease ( and I didn't till a few weeks ago!), thats what they call those seriously high tech digital cameras that you can change the lenses and add flashes to and what not. I had been researching them for a while and had thought to wait till after the holiday to purchase one. I just figured I could wait and maybe get a better deal. But, I ended up having family arrive for the holiday and so I wanted to take advantage of being able to take pictures of our time together.
Today we took my family to the Seal Beach pier. My two nephews had never seen the ocean. It was a great day. My younger nephew, Bradley and my son Jackson have become fast friends. I was grateful for that because Bradley is 8 and Jackson only 4. The age gap can sometimes be an issue. But, luckily, they have taken to referring to each other as "best friends". Its absolutely adorable. Bradley and Charlotte however....ha! thats another story. For those who know my fiesty 2 year old beauty, this will not come as any great shock. She makes sure to remind Bradley that this is her world, and he is merely here to visit.

We had a good day. The kids played in the playground just off the pier. Pictured below is my nephew Bradley.

Here is a shot of my two beautiful babies playing nicely together. Ok,'s a rare photo!

Here is a picture of my niece Danielle. For those of you who remember her as a little girl, can you believe it??!!??! She prefers to be called "Dani" now. She'll be 15 in just a few days. She is still the same sweet, quirky little red head though. She's just taller :)

My family returned to Missouri this morning. I am hopeful that Dani will be back soon. Tonight is going to be spent with my family in Whitter. I wanted to wish all of my fellow bloggers Happy New Year!
I hope you all have a great night.
See you next year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oink :)

Oink :), originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

Look at my new bag! I am so proud. I actually created this bag with no pattern. I have a leather purse some what like it and wondered if I couldn't recreate it in a fabric version? I knew I would need something with good drape. Echino's linen cotton blend with a lining of taupe linen proved to be just the thing. I found the D rings at Lowes. It's actually got several inside pockets. I can't wait to use it tomorrow. Oh, and yes- there are pigs on the fabric. And yes- I bought the fabric and made the purse because of him. I can't help it. I collect pigs:)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big Muffin Pillow

Big Muffin Pillow, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

So, yesterday I was able to swing by The Sewing Party in Laguna Hills with my friend Robin. I love this quilt shop! It is filled with the types of fabrics and projects that completely inspire me and make me want to rush home and just sew in to the wee hours of the morning. I purchased an original pillow pattern designed by the shops owner. It is a 18" little pillow with a really interesting shape. It can be made with just 2 fat quarters and a spare 15 minutes. The pillow pictured here is 36" and I quilted the top piece, although I don't think you can see that detail in the photo. There is supposed to be a button centered on each side. I made the buttons, but when I tried to attach them I lost the doll needle in the stuffing!!! It's already 1:00 in the morning, so I am going to have to fix it in the morning. I can't wait for Charlotte to see it. She wanted a Hello Kitty pillow and I think she is going to love this one.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Apron

My New Apron, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

Now that I am finally settled in my new home, I have created a make shift sewing space and have resumed crafting! My space definitely needs more work, but for now- at least I am able to function. Yesterday's creation was this pretty little pleated apron. I found a tutorial here :
The author of this pattern actually put hot pads down in to the corners of the apron, so that you were never without them. Also, her apron used one yard of fabric and was not lined. I chose to nix the hot pads and use 2 coordinating fabrics so that I my apron would be finished and reversible. It worked beautifully. I wanted to French seam the waistband, but am unsure if this will make the apron lay funny. I am gonna give it a try though, because it's not reversible if I don't.
I am pleased with the finished look. I actually went to bed last night imagining 4 more aprons and how I can adapt the pattern with my own personal embellishments. I am contemplating one where I hand embroider the phrase "I Hate Housework" very fancily across the bottom.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Malabrigo Cowl

Malabrigo Cowl, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

Well, hello all :) Sorry to have been so silent lately. Life has been rough. Since I last posted, I moved. My sewing room is still packed up so I have been knitting. I love the yarn by Malabrigo. I recently completed this cozy neckwarmer with a skein of happy green that I had laying around.
I am determined to organize my space tomorrow and sew something. Even if it's just a single block!
Stay tuned. I'll post whatever I accomplish tomorrow.