Friday, December 31, 2010

A day at the beach....

This year for Christmas, my wonderfully sweet husband bought me a fancy DSLR camera. For those of you who don't speak photoease ( and I didn't till a few weeks ago!), thats what they call those seriously high tech digital cameras that you can change the lenses and add flashes to and what not. I had been researching them for a while and had thought to wait till after the holiday to purchase one. I just figured I could wait and maybe get a better deal. But, I ended up having family arrive for the holiday and so I wanted to take advantage of being able to take pictures of our time together.
Today we took my family to the Seal Beach pier. My two nephews had never seen the ocean. It was a great day. My younger nephew, Bradley and my son Jackson have become fast friends. I was grateful for that because Bradley is 8 and Jackson only 4. The age gap can sometimes be an issue. But, luckily, they have taken to referring to each other as "best friends". Its absolutely adorable. Bradley and Charlotte however....ha! thats another story. For those who know my fiesty 2 year old beauty, this will not come as any great shock. She makes sure to remind Bradley that this is her world, and he is merely here to visit.

We had a good day. The kids played in the playground just off the pier. Pictured below is my nephew Bradley.

Here is a shot of my two beautiful babies playing nicely together. Ok,'s a rare photo!

Here is a picture of my niece Danielle. For those of you who remember her as a little girl, can you believe it??!!??! She prefers to be called "Dani" now. She'll be 15 in just a few days. She is still the same sweet, quirky little red head though. She's just taller :)

My family returned to Missouri this morning. I am hopeful that Dani will be back soon. Tonight is going to be spent with my family in Whitter. I wanted to wish all of my fellow bloggers Happy New Year!
I hope you all have a great night.
See you next year!


  1. Lovely blog Rob and fabulous pictures. Of course your subjects add a lot, hey?

  2. Beautiful shots! Looks like you're a natural photographer.