Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Apron

My New Apron, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

Now that I am finally settled in my new home, I have created a make shift sewing space and have resumed crafting! My space definitely needs more work, but for now- at least I am able to function. Yesterday's creation was this pretty little pleated apron. I found a tutorial here : http://www.themotherhuddle.com/tutorial-pleated-apron-with-built-in-hot-pads/
The author of this pattern actually put hot pads down in to the corners of the apron, so that you were never without them. Also, her apron used one yard of fabric and was not lined. I chose to nix the hot pads and use 2 coordinating fabrics so that I my apron would be finished and reversible. It worked beautifully. I wanted to French seam the waistband, but am unsure if this will make the apron lay funny. I am gonna give it a try though, because it's not reversible if I don't.
I am pleased with the finished look. I actually went to bed last night imagining 4 more aprons and how I can adapt the pattern with my own personal embellishments. I am contemplating one where I hand embroider the phrase "I Hate Housework" very fancily across the bottom.

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