Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nicely Nestled Netbook

Nicely Nestled Netbook, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

Yet another quick little project created from my Moda charm packs. I was inspired by my friend Robin. Robin created a nifty little case for her regular sized laptop. She then posted the results to her blog. I actually talked to her that day. She explained how she did it, so I went home and did exactly what she said to do. This is the result. The only change I made was that I used fusible fleece interfacing and actual fleece for the inner lining. I found the combination of the two made for a seriously sturdy case. I sometimes don't appreciate quilted totes or cases because they don't seem to have any real firmness to them. May not be the best word to describe what I mean, but it's all I can come up with. At any rate, the added bulk really made a difference. I feel like I could drop the thing and my case would provide a nice bit of protection. For the tutorial to create your own, head over to my friend Robins blog. It's listed on my blog list.
Happy sewing!

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