Friday, February 8, 2013

A day of rain, packing and crafty goodness.

Today it rained for the first time in a while. It was pretty cold and we actually saw some hail. With the move to Missouri eminent, I kinda felt like it was Cali's way of trying to prepare me for living where they actually have weather.
I spent the day trying very hard to dismantle my craft space. I have about 2 weeks left, and a couple of projects that I want to finish before I hit the road. I haven't told my hubby yet, but I plan to pack my sewing machine with me in our truck. I can't see myself trusting the professional moving company to get my machine to my new home safely.
I actually used my crafts to motivate me to pack more than I probably would have otherwise. I hate packing, and have been trying to avoid it at all costs. This isn't good, considering the fact that I'm really running out of time. I would only allow myself to work on my projects after I had a accomplished some clutter removal. Using this method, I managed to pack 5 boxes, mod podged some photo cubes, create 1 and 1/2 friendship bracelets and made the DIY bleached tee that you see here.
It's been a full day, filled with work, play and quite a bit of coffee. Oh, and I made Cuban styled arroz con pollo in my crockpot for dinner! Looking back on it, I rocked :)
Did I mention that my baby girl spent the whole afternoon crafting beside me? She is knee deep in some serious handmade valentines for her classmates. She has a duplicate craft bin, just like Mama. She doesn't allow me to help, but asks for design collaboration along the way. I gotta say, she has a vision and she works in a way more concentrated way than I do. Her work ethic actually keeps me going sometimes. Where I would otherwise stop, she wants me near her while she works, so I end up continuing with my work. I manage to finish more projects this way.
I love my kid :)
Well, it's time to end my day, so I can get up and do it all over again,

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  1. Yea Rob, you're blogging again. Love the tee shirt but would love to see lot's of pictures of the kiddo's. I miss you already but reading your blog will help. Love You!!!