Monday, August 22, 2011

What I did today.

, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

I read many blogs. In fact, I am fairly certain I'm addicted to them. I find such inspiration from them. I love reading tutorials and seeing how these creative dynamos take a simple, age old quilt block and use it in a new and different way. It was while reading one of the "recipes" found on that I was inspired to create the above quilt top. The block is called "the road to Tennessee". There are a number of ways to arrange them. Each yielding quite a different look. The recipe actually calls for a combination of 5 1/2 and 2 1/2" squares. I used a combination of 10 1/2 and 4" squares. The finished top will measure 60 X 60" and I will call it "Hugs and Kisses". It was made to be used as a preschool nap quilt and with my baby girl in mind. She has already claimed it. Being drawn, as I knew she would be, to the bold prints and bright colors.
Hope your day was creative too,


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  2. Rob, I love this quilt. Char is going to be so happy with it. xoxoxo

  3. OH...she is going to have the cutest nap quilt in class!!!! VERY CUTE Rob