Monday, September 20, 2010

My Halloween Bolster Pillow

My Halloween Bolster Pillow, originally uploaded by rkkilmer.

So, I was in Sacramento recently and I was fortunate enough to visit several very nice shops in the area. In one such shop, I found a Halloween quilt pattern that I had to have. It consisted of various nine patches arranged in the center on point. Surrounding the middle patchwork was an elaborate pieced border of solid cream fabric. Embroidered onto each piece of cream fabric was some portion of the "Haunted Village". I have been scouring fabric stores in search of just the right fabrics to use. Of course, this search has lead me to purchase quite a few Halloween themed fabrics that I have no intention of using for my quilt, but still could not bear to leave in the store. So, at about 11 PM last night, as I was busy "petting" the newest members of my stash - I was also reviewing some of the blogs I follow on a regular basis. One in particular is There is a button on his blog that is for a pillow swap that he is a part of. I find myself reviewing the flickr photos of these finished beauties and before I know it, my Halloween bolster pillow was born. Mind you, it was now 2 in the morning. That happened befire I knew it too. My friend Robin has ablg that I follow as well. You can see her over there on the right hand side of my page, "Robin's Quilts" Every Monday she posts whats she's got on her design wall. SInce I completed this in the wee morning hours of Monday, I am calling this my contribution to Design Wall Monday :)


  1. I like your choice of quilting: it calls up the shape of the bolster but also moves your eye through those Yummy prints!